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1968 Gibson B15 all-Mahogany parlour for sale (UK)


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lovely little guitar, very much loved and cared for during it's stay with me over the last year or so. It is actually a real heartbreaker for me to part with it as I am very fond of it indeed, but I am financially destitute and am in real need of some money. Out of all my guitars, this is only the one to leave the flock because it is not one of my "working" ie electrified stage guitars.


It comes with a brand new hard-shell case which is less than a fortnight old, a brand new set of strings fitted and a recent setup. It plays and records fantastically, has easy action with plenty of the adj. bridge saddle showing, and is all original and in fantastic clean condition for it's age.


When I bought this, money was no object and the dealer I visited let me play an embarrassment of small-bodied Gibson riches, among which were various '50s and '60s LGs, another B15 with a Spruce top, and two B25s...this is the one I chose-it is that good.


I need to see £695 for my B15 to recoup my original spend on it and the new case.


If you are interested in it, e-mail me on mmjinder (at) googlemail.com and let's talk more.

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