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Old Interview Just Re-Posted on 60's Garage Band Site


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An interview with our old manager:

Interview With Barry Carlos


Interesting part:

60s: Is it true that Peter Wheat & The Breadmen were scheduled to perform with The Beatles at the Candlestick performance? If so, what happened that cancelled this out?

BC: Yes, it is true. It was a conflict between two Musician's Unions: Local 6, where Candlestick is located, and Local 510 San Leandro, where Peter Wheat held membership. Local 6 insisted that one of their bands be in the concert or no one from any other Bay Area local could be. Peter Wheat had previously done a few shows and benefit concerts for KYA, who presented the Beatles Candlestick concert. Everyone but the two rival locals tried very hard to resolve the unending conflict. What a story it would have been to share with the grandkids but I guess it just wasn't meant to be.



Also interesting, an interview with an old bandmate, (and close friend for 50 years:


Interview With David Wheeler

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