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Capo High Young Man! New original -7th Fret Capo


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Gday guys..I've been on a recording roll lately......here's a new one where the J-45 is Capoed on the 7th Fret..I quite like the powerful "ringiness" of the tone contrasting with uncapoed lead stuff i recorded on a separate track...so I'm getting some low lead notes...hope you like it





King in his own mind

he said its love she said its maybe just my game

I cant dispute whatever illusions come my way

No bridges crossed, no gold was lost

There was no blame

It was a daisy chain

Pretty fragile just the same

Who remembers the morning

Who remembers the morning

Everyman was king in his own mind

Every girl was a princess sometime

Don’t turn the light on yet

Sometimes darkness is your best bet

Sometimes a crown is dull and dirty

Sometimes the tiara is cheap and flirty

But that was never, never you

You were pure through and through

From the gift you carried to the

To rope you threw to the man who was

Drowning beside of you

I wont walk on a razor edge or walk the


The only place I’ll be walking is back in time

Not a chariot on the appian way

Nor a carriage on the champs elysee

Wont even detour on the great big wall

Surely not answer any clarion call

I’ll retrace my steps again

Past the kindness of strangers

And the children of men

Between the flesh and the dust

The idea grew that I could even reconjure you

But I have lost my magic touch or you just disappeared

way too much

And when it rains on fertile ground

The cynics all fall down

And the birds are pushing air

And the bees all start to care

About the shape of love

Is it written from above can you find it on your knees

Is it under lock and key

Drawn by the tide swept along for the ride

In the shape of love

Is it eden not so grand will it hold you by the hand

Will it wipe your fevered brow

Every man is king in his own mind

Every girl should be a princess at least one time

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Good call on those songs trvlr. I've always liked Ian Anderson's (Tull) acoustic guitar work, and he frequently capo's up on his little (0 size I think) Martins. I saw Jethro Tull in Sydney when I was still at school in the early 70's. What a great show.The man in the long frock coat.

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