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The Meaning of Our Lives


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Here's a song I wrote about trying to figure-out what the heck we're doing here. Not intended to question anyone's faith. Just kind of wondering what this is all about. And all those copyright symbols in the lyrics should be C chords. Don't know why they copied that way.




The Meaning of Our Lives

© The years they (Am)come. The years they ©go.

Where they disa(Am)ppear to, I don't (G)know.

I spent my (Am)youth tryin' to figure it (Dm)out.

All I (G)got was this worry and ©doubt.


©Seems like for(Am)ever, since Mike passed-©on.

One day we're (Am)here, the next we're (G)gone.

His mother (Am)stood at his grave and (Dm)cried.

They said, "He's (G)gone to a better place."

She asked ©"Why?"



©You won't read it in the (F)newspaper.

You won't hear it on the ©radio,

But I see it in (G)faces everywhere I ©go:

The worry and (Dm)doubt: they cut like (Am)knives,

As we (G)search for the meaning of our (Am)lives.


©My wife told (Am)me, "You should go to ©church."

I said "I (Am)don't think that it's (G)worth

Sitting (Am)there for an hour, maybe (Dm)more,

And (G)end-up more confused than be©fore.

Harmonica/guitar solo........


©Now I look (Am)back, upon my roads ©traveled.

I see my (Am)life, a ball of string that's come un(G)raveled.

Had so many (Am)hopes. So many (Dm)dreams

That be(G)came falling stars and other wishful ©things.


Copyright © Larry Garrett 2-22-09

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Great song! Thanks for posting the words and chords so I could play along on first listen .... worked well for me to finger pick along. Would be great for a reso or lap steel to be added. Also, thanks for adding a place to solo.


Good stuff and yeah, as soon as we are able the think, we start asking that question. Sometimes religion works and sometimes it doesn't. I have the same discussions with my wife who is a wonderful person and a devoted Christian. In my case, I figure that perhaps the answer is unknowable or at least I don't need to know.

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I've come to expect fine songs from you, Larry!


This one didn't disappoint!


Always very cerebral, and thought provoking!


By the way, I'm not computer expert, (by ANY stretch), but the "auto-correct" feature on your computer must be turned on so whenever you type

"©" it auto-corrects to the copyright symbol. I fight that stuff all the time!


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Thanks for all the kind comments. They are truly appreciated...........Regarding some other points-------


Yep, a blond J150.


I have considered using a dulcimer as a background track (and a lap guitar would also work well), but I don't know how to add it to Window Movie Maker without chopping it up into bits and pieces. Doesn't have a lot of options. I might buy some software that allows me to change and add different audio tracks to a video.


Think I was a member of "The Songwriter's Forum," or a forum of a similar name. There are several of them. Sadly, the group that primarily established the proverbial "pecking order" for the site wanted a slap-on-the-back and "Way to go, man" when someone critiqued their songs. You couldn't offer a sincere critique or question without them retaliating by refusing to even take a look at your own songs for suggestions. Likewise, maybe it was just that I didn't belong there.


On the "auto correct"----yeah, it was turned-off. I copied the lyrics from my computer and pasted them into the forum. That's when the C chords got changed to the copyright symbol.

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