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"LUNCHBOX" AMP Pros and Cons

Sinner 13

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I accidentally posted this over in the SG forum today, so I will re post it over here where I intended too in the first place:



I am currently researching these, all tube of course!

I know many here have them, they range from the Kustom with the 1x12 at 199 USD on up.

so sound off! let me know Your recommendations.

Thanks in Advance



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Not sure if these qualify, but I have 3 Vox AC4 TV's, the 10 inch, 8 inch and the Mini which is either 6.5 or 6.75 (not sure, I've seen both listed). They have switchable output (for neighbors, roommates, family Members etc.). The 10 inch goes from 4 to 1 to 1/4 watt output, the other two go from 4 to 1 to 1/10 watt output. Not bad little amps at all. I also have the Fender Champion 600 reissue, which I actually prefer to the above, but then it is a 5 watt amp without the ability to hush to low levels and maintain that nice crunch. A great little amp though, and if letting 5 watts loose isn't an issue (did I really say that? [blink]) then I'd choose the Fender of the bunch.


Seen others, not all tube amps though. But check out the Pignose 7-100, those things rock, battery power and sound REAL. Been around since the 70's, and have recorded some major hits in the studio. I need to get one of those things soon!

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I have an Orange Dual Terror (DT30) and it just kills! The Tiny Terror channel is the standard Tiny Terror circuit but the Fat Channel (which I like better) has much more in tone to offer.

30 watts, to 15 watts to 7 watts. It sounds great on its own but I push it just a bit more with an Xotic EP Boost. Great Amp! My plan is to pick up a Dark Terror and A/B the two with the DT30 doing my mid-gains and the Dark Terror for the brutal hi-gains. The only "Cons" to the Dual Terror is it's kind of heavy for a "lunchbox amp". You will be fooled once you snatch to pick it up and find that it is very much a real deal tube amp just without the wood box! I couldn't see someone throwing this in it's carry bag on their shoulder and walking across town or riding the subway with it. The other is no FX Loop for those who like to use them. It's old school front of the amp signal chain. That doesn't bother me as I'm used to doing with or without an FX Loop.


I also like the sound of the Vox Night Train, the Blackstar HT5H and the smaller 1 watt version. The Mesa Micro-Rectefier and Trans Atlantic...VHT has a good one too. I've liked most of the stuff I've heard. I'm waiting for the new Orange OD-15 that was shown at NAMM this year too. That's a cool little head.

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