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I found this guy on Craigslist this past week. It's an old Acoustic 204. I'm not sure how old it is, research I've done says they are from around the mid 70's until the early 80's. One thing is for sure, it's freakin' heavy. I almost gave myself a hernia getting it into my car. I'm loving the sound of it with my 5150. There is some definite thud in this cab. I had to turn my bass knob down a little to compensate. The cab needs a little TLC. I gather it's seen a lot of gigs over the years. I'm going to put new casters, and corner pieces on (the old ones are all rusted and dented to hell), and glue back the tolex that is coming off. -Nothing major, I want to maintain some of that old mojo, but just clean it up a little. I have a gig tonight, I'm really excited to move some air with this thing!


One question for anybody that has owned one... What Ohms is it? My multimeter says it's 4, but I just wanted to make sure. Thanks.




BTW... The previous owner had a couple cats, so Thin Lizzy (my cat) wouldn't leave it alone when I got it in the house. What a weirdo.

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