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My new "SJ-200 Double Vine"

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To: Hogeye


Thank you for taking the time to inform me about the "Double Vine" inlay work on my guitar. One of the things I enjoy so much about this Gibson Forum, in addition to being able to share my enthusiasm for Gibson guitars with others (Hi, Karen...) is having access to the collective knowledge of so many well-informed participants.


Getting the story about the CNC operator at Gibson who came up with, and executed the inlay pattern design on my new "SJ-200 Double Vine" model really adds to my enjoyment of this incredibly beautiful and artistically awesome creation. Thanks again for taking the time to fill me in with such interesting details (of which I was totally unaware), Hogeye.


And to other forum participants (like G.G.) who are nice enough to add to my fun, I thank you as well. This is obviously a very special Gibson guitar model, and (for me) it just doesn't get any better than having the opportunity to share it with other knowledgeable enthusiasts.


One of the great pleasures of owning this guitar is getting to view its beauty close-up while playing it. Its Maple sides (and back) are very flamey and when you see that "figure", sitting next to the Abalone inlay and the eight-ply binding that is on every one of the guitar's perimeter edges (top, back, and sides), well... the beauty of this premium grade wood (especially when its finish happens to be the best "Vintage Sunburst" in the business) is just almost indescribable.


Thank you,



p.s. Fred, the top is Sitka.

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Happily, the more I play it, the more I love it.


Hey, G.G., (F.Y.I.) I just put a set of Bob Colosi's "1T" size white bone bridge pins (with 4mm Abalone inlays) on this guitar. Sitting next to all the other highly colored Abalone that adorns this "Double Vine" model, they look right at home. (And for my money, Bob's pins noticeably improve the sound of most quality acoustic guitars....) But that's a topic for another thread...


Thanks for all the kind words about my new "over the top" Gibson "SJ-200" model. It happens that this just might be the "best" Gibson acoustic guitar I've ever owned. (That would really be saying something....) In any case, it CERTAINLY is the fanciest....


And while it's not easy to make my Martin Custom Shop "D-45V" (with its Adirondack Spruce top) look "conservative", this Gibson "SJ-200 Double Vine" does exactly that.


Thank you,


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