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The Session........

Buc McMaster

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Well we did manage to get everybody assembled at the studio.......we even recorded two tracks.


After further review, the call on the field is overturned: the session results are unacceptable.......a complete waste of time and money. We got a pretty good take of Helldorado, but I was honestly not impressed with the dobro on any of the passes we made. Stones of Circumstance was worse. The banjo was so loud it stepped on everything badly, bleeding into every mic in the room........can't do a thing with any of the passes we made on that one. So much for musical masterbation, huh. I remember recording a CD with my last band and how much I disliked the isolation of the studio......everybody's wearing headsets, bass is direct, drummer's in another room.......I did not like the lack of immediacy in what we were doing. We were a "live" band and it felt very odd to be so disconnected. I thought it might be cool to record in the studio live......like sitting in the living room with some friends, just playing. Well it was a good idea, and I'm sure it can be done properly, but this session did not work out to my expectations at all. Not too upset by the failure to get what I wanted from the efforts, just resigned to having learned a lesson. I don't expect I'll try this again..........

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