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Same Holes? Es-335/355 Trapeze, Bigsby, Vibrola 1966 - 1968


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Looking at 1966 to 1969 Es-335 and Es-355 models and I would like to purchase one as close to original as possible. But there are many where somebody has change the trapeze tail piece with A Bigsby or a Vibrola (lire). I would not want to have a guitar where holes were cut/made or material damage to the body occurs. Are these pieces interchangeable? (scoured threads and did not see - if overlooked apologies).


Many Thanks

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Mine is a 1967 & came with a factory Bigsby. It has "Custom" engraved on the truss rod cover.




The Lyre Tailpiece was also a factory option durring those years.


Quite a beauty you have there, very similar to my '64 with a factory installed bigsby. The stop tailpiece post holes were filled in with pearl. Just had mine appraised in May for a new insurance carrier.

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