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What settings have you got yours on? There's a setting called Mic Only (? What else would be on if not the mic?) and various levels of HD. I just recorded myself playing I Know You Rider on Lily but the sound coming out of the Zoom is pretty thin. Does it get better once it's uploaded? Lily is pretty shrill as it is so I was hoping to find a way to increase the bass here without resorting to electronics.


And yeah, I need to practice a whole lot; it was not good [crying]

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Hi Karen, I'm a new user of the zoom as well....see my TV Zandt clip in recent thread.I set the mic at auto and the HD at lowest setting 720 I think that is(so the file isn't too big).There is some sound setting that i left at default 192 or something.

I have used the Handyshare software that comes with it to bump up volume a little...it's an easy interface...just use effects...then mastering...maximise and ultramaximise make things louder...but I'm not sure about bass if it's lacking in the raw track.You can add reverb here too if you want.It's worth mucking around a little with this effects stuff, it's pretty painless.Normally I try to avoid it too.

And you have to get as close as you can.I have managed to get close enough to get my rough head and nice guitars both in frame and still get ok volume.

Good Luck.

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Yeah, I was probably sitting a good 4 feet from the camera when I recorded it so will move it up a lot more. I think I had it set on auto and 720, but when you go into the Menu and then Lo Cut, it says On or Off? I tried both and couldn't hear a difference. Anyway, I will play around with the handyshare software more and see what I can come up with. And I will head over to your TVZ thread! Thanks Flatbaroque!

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Me too.


But I hate fighting electronics/technology. It's one reason I don't do it much...........



[thumbup] Yep! The older I get, the more I feel that.....If it ain't fun....WHY do it... [lol]

Not meaning to sound like a PrimaDonna. If I have to do the playing/performing...somebody else should take care of the sound/video.... :lol:

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