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Another cabinet on the way

Tim Plains

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So, I've got another cabinet in the works.

This one will be a bit different than the last one I made, more bare bones.

I'm looking for suggestions on a design/engraving. The last one had "Gibson" on the top.

This one will have a front piece near the base approximately 7" x 53".

I've got a one track mine...the only thoughts that have come to mind are the diamond shaped logo used on LP Customs & the words "Les Paul." Ideas??

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Why change it from the original one? I thought that looked awsome!!

'Cause I'm building this one to hold eight guitars...gotta plan for the future, right?

If I used the same design for eight guitars, the thing would be taller than me!


The headstock is a good idea. Something to consider.


"Thunder", eh? :-s

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