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So who's going to the party?


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Whyd they have to go to Wembley Arena.. One of the worst venues in London...


The last gig I saw there I had seats in the front of the back section.. Since they did that redesign several years ago the sound is bad and the seating where I was they now have a massive gangway where people would go to leave the arena to go to the loo or get a drink or something so what would happen was they would stand for a minute or so right in front of our view cos a song would come on they like or something and I couldnt seen anything.. I speant half the gig telling people to move lol... never been back since (and that was for Gary Moore and BB King)..


In saying that if I could get good tickets (which we all know is hard these days).. It would be cool.


Maybe Gibson can put a word in gets its forum members good seats ?? :P

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