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Roy Smeck model


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Which is the one that is modeled after the JB model? (Sunburst).

The Jackson Browne is basically a Stage Deluxe (or S1), but in walnut rather than mahogany. The Radio Grande (or S2) is rosewood, and just a little "fancier" in every way: natural top, fancy neck inlay, a more upscale logo, etc. The Radio Grande is much the rarer of the two, whether you're talking originals or reissues.


-- Bob R

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I'm lucky enough to have one, a 2006 reissue of the 1936 Stage Deluxe model. I've had it almost 4 years now, play it every day. Took a while to get used to & 'grow into it', but now I very rarely even touch my other guitars, & never my other acoustics.


There are some videos of me playing it here (including my first ever attempt at 'lap slide'...) : -


Glider - 1st gig

(...sorry for the rough quality, it was our first gig & we were a bit unrehearsed!) :rolleyes:


Cheers, Bill



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from Fuller's :


Hi Juan, The Roy Smecks that you see from Fullers from the mid to late 2000's were all guitars we were working on trying to get it perfect. When we did they started working with Jackson and came up with one of his old ones to copy. The Smecks are such a cool guitar because there were so many different ones. Maple, Mahogany, Rosewood's. Roy was always having new ones made so he could play around with his sound. This is why you see guys now (like Jackson and Leroy Parnell) collecting these. They are the same way always looking for a different and distinct sound.


Out of the three runs of R. Smeck guitars we have had built, most agree the 29 version Deep body Rosewood is the best sounding. If you were going to have one done i would suggest that one for sure. It is also allot more vintage correct than any other model that has been reproduced.






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