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Had my first Brazilian.


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Another one of those lunchtime visits, this time to a music shop which I never even knew existed (and it was right under the famous Charles Bridge, but in a hidden side street). They stock mainly Czech made violins, chellos, but also a selction of Czech made acoustic guitars. I went there to buy some Thomastik Infeld strings based on a recommendation.


Anyway there was a Prague based acoustic guitar maker, which had four of their guitars on display, all OM's. Two were so so but then on the top shelf with the 'ask customer service to play please' was a very special looking OM.


Took her down and turns out it was an Adi / Brazilian rosewood OM with all the bells and whistles. Quite exciting.


Have to say the tone of this thing was magnificent. Like a grand piano, but still a great strummer and in particular stunning flat picker.


Its the first time I played Brazilian rosewood and my impression was that compared to EIR the Brazilian version was much more focused, clear and defined. EIR to me can really be overtone crazy and likes to splash around a bit, which can drive me bonkers. But this Brazilian was very focused but still had all the best characterstics of rosewood in its depth and power.


Just an amazing guitar. Sort of reminded me of a couple Froggy Bottoms I played in NYC, but this one was more of an allrounder rather than designed for a fingerstylist. Flatpicking was its biggest strenght.


Have to say Im pretty impressed with Brazilian rosewood. Price wise it was the most expensive Czech made guitar I played at around 3000 EURO but compared to the 6-7k that Froggys go for this seemed to be a bargain.


If youre ever in Prague worth checking out the Czech made .... know what Im saying.




Whats your experience with Brazilian b/s guitars ?


Wily, you ever had a Brazilian ... ?

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I assume you are talking about guitars.


Since most of the guitars I have owned over the decades were made before 1960 I have had my hands on quite a few of them. To be honest, while the Braz sure looks better I did not notice any appreciable difference between the Braz and Indian rosewood. There are just too many variables into what makes a sound come out of a guitar.

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