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who's tried the duncan slanted nighthawk pups ?

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i asked this before and no one who had tried them answered. But i know at least one person here has, but i guess he never saw my reply under his post saying he had. So i'm asking again, has anyone tried either of the 2 duncan slants in the NH custom reissue, which one, and how did it compare to the stock bridge? I'd just go a try one myself, but unlike other pickups if you don't like these, selling them would be next to impossible. Thanks.

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I haven't tried the Duncan Nighthawk pickups, but then I haven't been able to find a Nighthawk Custom reissue to try either! My local Guitar Center got three of them in a couple of months ago--I'd asked them to call me when they got a Nighthawk in and I never heard a word. The Nighthawks came and went before I even knew--they have a Gibson Nighthawk Studio in stock, but I don't want that--I want the Custom! I guess they sold quickly--a good thing; if that's happening elsewhere, hopefully Epiphone won't discontinue them anytime soon! I definitely want to try one, preferably several, before I buy--and I'm curious about the Duncan replacement pickups too.

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I love my Epiphone Nighthawk. I wish the bridge was a tad more vintage output.


Well, thats the '59 slant right there. My problem with that is i'm not sure i want THAT low an output. I generally like a pup to at least have a hot PAF output. Thats generally about 9-10k all else being equal. But then again i don't care for the JB model at least in strats, and i keep hearing they're very hit or miss in gibson style guitars, and the hawk tho 25.5" sounds very gibson.


So neither seems like it would be a great choice for me, but i could well be wrong and thats why i'm asking. I just hope someone who's tried either will reply. I suppose another option which i just may try is to unwind the coils a bit. Bring it down to say 12k and see how it sounds. I really thing the wound the bridge and neck pups on this model way too much. I can barely get the neck to clean up enough till the volume is about 3, and by then it sounds too weak. This model is a unbelievably fantastic guitar IMO, but i can tell it will be shocking good with the right pups.

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