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Description of FT-160 on eBay


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Seller says,


"I spoke with a certified martin/taylor guitar tech about this and he said that it was common on guitars like this one and it would not be very difficult to fix."


I agree that this condition is common in this era of Epiphone Guitars, but "not be very difficult to fix"?


I think that is a stretch.


What do you think?




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Yes it can be fairly easily repaired.


> > > Here is how I fixed my FT145SB < < <

This will get it back to playable, but repairing the visible sound board damage is another thing. Had I seen this broke neck FT160SB you've linked to I may have bid on it. But I think $50 plus S&H is a fair price given the amount of work needing to be done. The neck screw cover on the back is missing and making the face look good would be a chore. My 6 string had some deformation of the top like this, only not nearly as bad. I elected to leave mine the way it was for fear of making things worse. Flattening it would probably require steaming and squeezing it flat with clamps.


Simply pulling the neck block back and re-gluing it is not enough. But the brackets can be made fairly easily and cheaply, even if you have to buy the lumber.

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Hi Tommy,


I just think it's a bit misleading for a seller to describe something like that as not a difficult fix. Like you said, it can me made playable again, but that sound hole damaage is another thing.


I used your instructions almost 4 years ago to repair my Blue-Label FT-165. It is playable again, and the repair is holding up fine, but I have chosen to use only six strings on it.


Thanks again for your repair guide!

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Glad to see my fix is puting new life in old Epiphones.


Maybe I am partly to blame for calling it an 'easy fix' with my instructions. Getting it playable is easy. Getting wrinkled and / or splintered soundboards to look good is another thing.

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