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Help with Epiphone Casino


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Hi...2 questions.....I'm trying to date mine....inside...."style" E230TD


No. 68238


also stamped on back of headstock 68238




and....where can i buy a scratchplate with fittings? many thanks Ian

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Guitar Dater doesnt go that far back. This is a 1960's Casino. According to VintageGuitars.net, your Casino is from 1964. It should have trapezoid inlays and either the open-book or elongated headstock depending on how early in the year it was made. I'm going to take a guess and say it has the 2nd gen elongated headstock.

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Thanks very much...what is an "open book"?


Edit...yes, I see...It has an open book carving to the top of the head.


PS Any ides where to buy scratchplate?


For the scratchplate, I recommend WD Music Products. I just bought this one from them for my '66 Casino (fits perfectly and looks great): http://www.wdmusic.com/epiphone_casino_pickguard_epc_7304.html


I also got an "E" decal here: http://www.eyguitarmusic.com/Epiphone-E-Logo-for-Pickguard-Dot-Sheraton-Casino_p_143.html


For only $26, I think it looks quite nice:



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