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Ok fellow Gibson Fanatics I'm down to only three gibson Tri-Picks from the late 70's early 80's I bought all I cold find back then and my stash is almost gone has anybody seen any of these? or maybe a close remake. my favorite pics ever and getting scare everyone used to make fun of me for these since i act like a addict and protect them so much. but even being careful there finaly almost gone i have two white and one black and it's cold turkey for me. #-o


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Never seen one of those, sorry.....but my local shops just started carrying Jim Dunlop Tortex in the large triangle shape, and like them a lot. They are very similar the the Fenders that have been around for years, but I like the tortex texture and rigidity better.

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thanks all appreciate the help and advice


I think its all related to GAS or side afflictions, even when I have all the guitars anyone could ever need Im always searching for something?


Maybe instead of GAS I have other symptoms they could be called


PAS (picks)

STAS (straps)

CAPAS (Capos)

AMPAS (Amplifiers)

CABAS (cables)


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