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Guy walks in a bar.... guy playing the piano, and there's a monkey sitting on top of the piano.


So, he goes to the bar, orders a beer.


Before he could get the first sip, the monkey jumps off the piano, runs over and sinks in balls into the

guys beer!


Guy walks over to the piano player and says, "Do you know your monkey sunk his balls into my beer?"


Piano player says, "No...hum a few bars and I'll fake it!"

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Guest farnsbarns

How 'bout a visual joke?




There was some compilation album released over here a while ago, the adverts bragged "free air guitar with every copy". At the time, my wife was the manager of Virgin Megastore in Croydon. She found herself dealing with a lady who thought the ad was very misleading as she had expected to receive her free air guitar at the counter. I believe, in the end, someone handed her the free air guitar and asked if she would like a bag.

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These two ancient, old ladies were chatting while sitting on a park bench, feeding the pigeons. They were best friends, reminiscing about life and love.


One asked, "Do you remember the minuet?"


The other replied, "Hell, I don't even remember the ones I slept with!"

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