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Which band do you preffer or think "is better"


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It was as hard for me but at the end I went with Thin Lizzy, not because I think they are better (I couldnt make up my mind) so I voted them because they influenced more of the bands I listen to than L.S.


I think I like them both the same... is that posible?

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Hmm, the classic argument Thin Lizzy or Skynard. Both represent their craft in very different yet similar ways. First Thin Lizzy with their uncompromising combination of Irish blues and heroin. And who can forget the first time you herd "The Boys are Back In Town". Why... it takes me back to a place in the past when all things were possible. Where as a young privileged white boy I could even some day become the president or even Jimmy Page. Yes I often think "what if". What if I had grown up as a black man in Ireland. I too could some day have been somebody, anybody, a contender.


And Skynard, the quintessential Southern Rock Band. Once some time ago they ruled the world. Of coarse that was when Ronnie ruled the nest and their songs carried obvious liberal overtones. But now with that younger brother doing the singing they have soiled their good name and even played the GOP (republican) convention. But so far as I know they were never a Celtic Irish folk blues band with a penchant for large quantities of heroin.


So based on that I have to go with Skynard.


BTW... where is the poll on "Dexy's Midnight Runners Vs. Simply Red


"hey, pass the dorito's"

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