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Guys, please help me identify my LP custom


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I got a used LP, of which the production year as well as detail model information

is not clear. Would you please help me identify the guitar?


1. Serial No. : 1 4004


- Seems that it's 004th produced one in 1994 (definitely not in 2004 by its appearance),

being reissued an original model of 19X1. What do you guys think?


2. Bodywood


- It's mahogany, and especially, it's 1 piece mahogany without tops. Which model

has the same spec of body?


It seems that it's a reissued model of the Black Beauty but not quite sure.


Let me have your advice!! Thanks.









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Hm..I'll additionally update the pictures ASAP.


By the way can anyone advice me what the serial No. structure's like, for the ones which are produced in 1991,

being reissued 1957 Black beauty?


tazzboy, thanks for the info. but the serial, 1 4004 is unable be tracked in the above guided site

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