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Les Paul, Jonas Bros, Hannah, And Reality.


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I didn't want to kill the hate in the other thread. But.....


Hannah Montana, and the Jonas Boys are making music popular to my 8 year old daughter.


Not Rap.




Like The Beatles. They were a pop band.


And The Monkees.


And Elvis.


And The Who.


And The Kinks.


And The Beach Boys.


I don't see the problem.


And those Jonas Boys are playing Gibsons.


Sorry man. I don't get the hate. It's all about getting kids to play guitar. And that is a good thing.



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I suppose the dislike originates from an overall distaste for "artificial" corprate music, at least for me. They got the role because they fit the pretty image, and musical talent comes in second or third or .... That's not to say that I hate them as people, just extremly jealous that those lucky dogs get 7k guitars thrown at them because they work for a corpate channel. They didn't have to practice hard, or spend hard earned $ on them. And really would the kids know if they were playing a LP traditional vs the Supreme, I really don't think they have the talent to max out those guitars, since with most music of that genre has instrumentals wayy in the back seat compared to the vocals.

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My son (who turned 9 yrs. old today) cut his teeth on Jimmy Page, Eric, and SRV. He thinks the kid bands suck, that is except Drake of the Nick show Drake and Josh. That one really plays.


I do agree; however, anything that gets the kids interested in music is ok by me.

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I guess the only good thing about them is they are keeping kids away from "crap", cause if they weren't around they'd be just like these young punks nowadays wearing pants that hang down past their ***, and shirts that look like f*(kin' dresses on them.As for the pretty image, give 'em Epiphones, who's gonna know the difference.

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