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Hi everyone! I wanted to introduce myself to the forum. I'm Mike, and yesterday I finally took the plunge and bought my first Gibson; a J-45 True Vintage.


For the last number of years I have been mostly an electric guy, and I haven't purchased an acoustic since high school about 10 years. I had been seriously considering a new guitar for the last month or so (after a lifetime of dreaming, of course), but I was mostly just reading and listening to videos online. So I went to my local Long and McQuade to try out their high end instruments and quickly found myself enjoying a J-45 standard. Then I tried the TV, and WOW! Such a beautiful instrument, and it just plays like a dream. I ended up torn between the TV and an HD-28. I left empty handed, and I never expected to be buying so soon, but then I couldn't stop thinking about these two guitars. First thing in the morning I went back, and quickly decided on the TV. I thought I might find myself wondering about the Martin, but since getting home and really giving it a solid play I have become 100% convinced that I made the right decision.


I'm so excited right now. After playing this beauty I feel like my skills on the guitar have never been properly demonstrated. Everything just sounds 100 times better coming out of this beast.


Anyways, before buying I found a lot of helpful information on here and wanted to say thanks, and I'm looking forward to learning everything I can about this guitar.



Fixed the image, thanks gruffchris



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hey Mike,


welcome to the forum. Nice guitar you've got there buddy. [thumbup]


I learn't today that you can insert images directly from photobucket. You click on the img file then just paste it into the text box [thumbup]


Have a look at this link. For futre. Photos


Also wack it up on the J45 thread.

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Congratulations Mike! [thumbup]

It's just gorgeous! Hey, how's the weather down at your end of the country? We are having at early spring here... it was 14 today!

How do you like that pink case? I have one for my J-185 and I love it (very luxurious) but I do find them a bit heavy (for a girl) :rolleyes:

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Holy smokes . . . . how many J-45 NGDs does that make in the last couple of weeks?


Another beautiful TV. And that's a really nice case to boot.


Love the burst on that one - very subtle gradient.


Congrats on your new beauty. . B)




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Thanks everyone! I haven't been able to stop smiling. I couldn't even get it out of the store before a couples of guys where wondering if they could see it.


Gillian, it's actually been pretty mild here too. I think it got up to 12 yesterday, but then it cooled down overnight and we got a little snow. It's been a strange winter for sure. The case I love; very vintage, very eye catching, but still classy, and it fits like a glove. Heavy duty too. That sucker ain't goin' nowhere.

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