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Epi Lucille Revisited


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Awhile back I posted here about my Epi Lucille,which was so bad I had to

do a complete make over,well,make over is finished,new high end harness,

nut,strings and fixed truss rod,I installed the original Epi 57s for now

thinking to change them when funds become available,plugged Lucille into

my Roland 30x,big improvement but, nothing to write home about,I then

dragged out my old Peavey teal bandit 112(1991)fired it up with Lucille

and whoa!!I'm on to something here,the sound that came from Lucille is

exactly what I was looking for,I've read about the Epi Classic 57s being

crappy,but in my case no so,I won't be changing the 57s any time soon.

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