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How many DF's were made?


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Just got my Gibson dark fire and I was wondering how many was made?


Btw my number is 0744

Is it New or second hand ?


Was meant to be 1,000 for USA and 1,000 for the rest of us.


But had info from Gibson that it was well less than 1,800 made worldwide.


Even thou serial # goes past 2000, as I use to own DF2411 & have seen up to DF2855


I sure hope you have the electronics for after may 2009.

If NOT Gibson will convert it, thats if YOU bought it new.

Can check electronics etc here .... http://www.futureguitarnow.com/forum/index.php?action=forum


Also note that all DarkFires are stamped on the back of headstock with 2008 (it's under the tuner cover)

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I own 0640... New to me. Love the thing.


The original plan was 2000, but the rumor mill says it stopped around 1400 made.



It's funny I have hearded 4000 for the original plan

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