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My new 1999 SG Special

old mark

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It came 2 days ahead of schedule, about 2 hours ago today. It's a 1999 Gibson SG Special, not a faded or worn but a glossy finish. It is a lot cleaner and free from dings and scrapes than ti thought. I did adjust the truss rod, re adjust the bridge and tailpiece and oiled the fret board-it's still soaking it in. The guitar is a beautiful dark brown, but has aged to almost a deep plum color. I will try to get pics up shortly. Despite my several Les Pauls and Epiphone Dots I have the feeling this may become my #1. It has that feel to it...


Anyone have any thoughts on these late '90's SG's, SG Specials or late '90's Gibsons in general? It also came with a very good Gator case, lined in pink...






Thanks in advance.




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Congtaulations on the new SG!!! [thumbup] [thumbup] [thumbup]


I can't comment on SG's from the time period you're looking for, but my SG is, IMHO, the easiest playing guitar I've ever played, it's light and easy to handle, it has great tone. I love my Les Paul, don't get me wrong, but I have more fun with my SG.


Looking forward to seeing some pics!!!

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