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Position of knobs on '83 Gibson Explorer?


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I just got my '83 Gibson Explorer back from the luthier and it seems to me that he put the knobs back in the wrong places, but I can't be sure. Mine is the one where the knobs are in a triangular design not a straight line. It came back with the knob closest to the neck as the volume for the bridge pickup and the knob furthest away, down in the far corner, is the volume for the neck pu, and the one on top is the tone. I hadn't played this guitar in many months, picked it up to play, and it needed a tune up, so I took it to the shop. Unfortunately, I don't remember how the knobs were configured before I took it in, but the current setup just doesn't seem logical to me. I mean, I have to reach for the knob farthest away from the neck pickup in order to control its volume and the knob closest to the neck controls the volume for the bridge pickup. Does this seem right or logical to anyone else? Please let me know what you think. I'd like to hear from a Gibson tech if possible. Thanks.

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