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Off to the dealer to do some horse (guitar) trading


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Taking 3 guitars with me that I am not playing (A USA Fender, a M.I.J. ESP & a Custom BC Rich) to see what i can wrangle a deal -or-deals on.

LPDEN - You've recently become a guitar buying/swapping machine! Personally, I love doing trades & virtually never look back, such as last month's deal to get into a new Midtown Custom. Fun stuff!

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Well, I think I have done enough swapping out and acquiring enough Epiphones over the last several months to do me for a good long time... B). I set out to acquire instruments that would not over-duplicate what already own, and would offer something either alot or at least a little different.

Here's the list of Epiphones I took home today:

The 1962 Wilshire USA Reissue is of course the prize take home for me. I have longed for this model so bad since their release, and was fortunate enough to get this new one on trade.


In a little while I'll get the pics up of each guitar and will post them here in this thread. It's a bit slow-going as I am using my iPad to take the pics and do the upload...


In the meantime, enjoy the official photos from Epiphone...



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Dang, that is NICE!


I don't like white guitars (unless they're Strats), but I'd make an exception for that one, it's a beauty!


I agree, white guitars are usually not my first choice either. But for this Wilshire, between the Cherry and the Alpine White was just so much more right for this model to me.

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