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Unknown zebra pickups


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Hi everyone,


I've been trying to find out more about my set of zebra pickups in an ES-335 blonde from 1997. I purchased the guitar used in 2002 from Guitar Center in San Jose. I always liked the sound but I never did check the pickups until recently when I discovered they did not have any stickers. I checked with Gibson CS and they said they were definitely aftermarket since the serial number indicated it shipped out with standard 57 pickups with nickel covers. The output for the pickups are 7.5K for the neck and 7.8K for the bridge. Any information would be greatly appreciated. The pickups look like they are Gibson PAFs, but since there no sticker or any other stamp other than a label saying "Neck" one pickup and another saying "Bridge" for the other pickup. The mounting screws on each of the pickups are brass or copper.



post-41710-005323500 1331958622_thumb.jpgpost-41710-091496500 1331958648_thumb.jpg

neck side view

post-41710-053428800 1331958846_thumb.jpg

bridge side view

post-41710-025539700 1331959038_thumb.jpg

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