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Guitar R( Brazilian?


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A lot of sellers claim the board is Brazilian. It's not unless Gibson confirms it is. Read the "Brazilian Rosewood Quantities 2001-2003" thread at the top of this forum. You could also send Gibson customer service an email with good pictures and ask them.

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Here's once more regarding the serial numbers in general with Brazilian Rosewood:


Used on Historic models in January 2003-May 31, 2003. The Brazilian variety is a different species, and is denser than the Madagascar variety.

The last serial numbers that used BR, are listed below. No 6 digit serial numbers have BR.

1954 LP (including Oxblood models): 4 3150

1956 LP: 6 3148

1957 LP: 7 3707

1958 LP: 8 3256

1959 LP: 9 3674

1960 LP: 0 3163

Gary Rossington SG: 13075

LPR0PTKBNH1, LP 60 Plain Top, Guitar Center Exclusive: These DO NOT have BR even if serial number seems to match above scheme.

Your guitar should have no brazilian rosewood; for double-checking the serial number in our database, please send me the following pictures:

* Photos of the instrument in JPG format as an attachment (please limit to 2MB total size for all pictures together, as a bigger total size will not reach us) – full front, full back, as well as close ups of the front and back of the headstock, with the serial number clearly visible.

Kind regards,


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