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Any Firebird Experts?


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I wasn't sure where to post this, so please move the topic if necessary!


I've recently purchased a 1985 Gibson Firebird VII which is finished in Heather Poly. Unusually it has grover tuners rather than banjo tuners fitted- also meaning the headstock is slightly smaller/narrower than usual. It has a stop tail piece rather than a Lyre Vibrola and the pickguard was originally plain white- Firebird decal added by previous owner.


I have searched high and low for a similar guitar but cannot find any on the internet. I managed to get in touch with a shop who previously sold the guitar back in 2000/2001. They said that this Firebird was 1 of 3 prototypes built by Gibson when they were trying to decide whether to reissue the V or VII??


The shop are an authorized Gibson dealer and I have no reason to doubt what they say, but I was wondering if anyone here could provide any more information?


It has an 8 digit serial number stamped on the rear of headstock, no 'Made In Usa' stamp.


The Firebird...









Thanks in advance :)

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It could be a prototype, but the serial number would help. Prototypes normally also get a prototype stamp on the back of the headstock.


Curious for a clear picture of the serial number ![biggrin]


There's no prototype stamp..




I emailed Gibson and was told that the serial number referred to a Heather Poly Firebird VII built in 1985, but they couldn't provide me with any more information?

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