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How many Gibsons do you currently have????

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I would have to reply! 7,8,9 or 10... not enuff...whatever the total. I will take Gibsons' in as a dog rescuer takes in dogs.....(dawgs).... for those of you in Obama Land!

Just two at the moment...    

Dan, I jus got another....lol

Posted Images

1. 1923 L-2

2. 1947 L-7 (sold)

3. 1953 CF-100

4. 1994 L-20

5. 2005 J-45

6 2001 J-200


7. 1957 LG-1 (NEW)


One goes out, one comes in......

1. 1989 CE (sold)

2. 1991 SST (sold)

3. 2005 CG

4. 2008 LP Custom (sold)

5. 2012 J200 (waiting to come back from factory - neck reset)

6. 1953 J50 (new)

7. 2012 HB Pro (new)

8. 2013 HB (new)


I'm actually downsizing. Besides the 3 above, I've sold a few Martins.

My new motto, sell 2 for every new one.

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Wait a minute. JC, you've got 5 new guitars waiting upon your arrival? Man, that's gonna be some trippin' New Guitar Day [lol] My head would explode. :blink: :blink: :blink:

Dan ,


I was supposed to move back 2 years ago ... but I've had set backs ... just when I think I'm ready something else turns up .



but I'm really close to getting back after 15 years ! . I ordered two guitar per year ... but since they are lefthanded they took a long time to be built so I could never match my vacation to the time a guitar was completed to go and demo it or bring it back with me so they have been waiting there patiently













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I am still holding at two Gibsons - 1942 J-50 and 1946 LG-2. I did snag a Lifton Gibson case in really nice condition though. It did not seem to phase me that I do not actually have a jumbo made between 1948 and 1960. But Gibsons just look so good nestled in those brown cases, at the risk of offending the purists out there, it will make a nice home for the J-50.


My prize catch this year was a 1957 Kay-built Silvertone jumbo. If you have not played a large body ladder braced guitar you are missing one of life's great pleasures. Just a big fat lo-fi meaty sound. Another one may be lurking right around the corner as I have a 1954 Kay-built National here for a visit.

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