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Here are some photos for Gilliangirl. The guitar is at Music Villa. Anyone that likes guitars and horses will love this guitar. It was built by the lady that progrmans the CNC machines for Gibson. It's a J-185 with a Maple neck. It plays very well and it has a very clear bell like voice that has an immediate report. Long story short? This is an amazing fingerpicking guitar and it is a one of a kind custom.








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Think my dilemma as a luthier would be whether to make the flok run in the direction of the head or body – out or home so to speak. Guess I'd choose the first.

I'd prefer to see all that horsepower leave the guitar rather than return to where it was generated.

There might be a waterhole by the bridge, , , , but wild horses never run towards a saddle. . . .

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I can think of so many songs to play on that guitar! [thumbup]


Looks Like a Good day To Ride - George Canyon

Horseback in my Dreams - Corinne West and Kelly Joe Phelps

Horse In The Country - Cowboy Junkies

Tennessee Stud - Gillian Welch

Baby Ride Easy - Carlene Carter and Dave Edmunds

just to name a few [biggrin]

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I like the top and binding... [thumbup]

The horses are cool too. Glad that Gibson used rosewood for the Fboard instead of baked maple... [smile]

Actually the fretboard is Ebony. The lady that did it spent hours going thru blanks to find just the right one. It's easier to see in person but the Ebony that was chosen has a light streak in it that looks like a skyline. It shows best up by the fret nut. The very best feature of this guitar is the sound. The Maple neck and Ebony fretboard make it sound very crisp and the notes across the fretboard are balanced perfectly. J-185's sound great with mahogany necks but this thing is a cannon. Very cool guitar. She calls it "The Stampede". So Slimt and Gillian Girl should both have it as they live close to the world famous "Calgary Stampede". Call Music Villa and ask for Paul. The price is very low for such a nice, as new, guitar.

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I can't buy it because I just bought a horse. [biggrin] I have a real addiction to abalone tho'. I have abalone necklaces, abalone earrings (lots), abalone bracelets, etc. And abalone on my guitars. I would LOVE that guitar but I have a horse to feed :lol:

Slim, you're near the Stampede? Are you in Calgary? If so, you can be in Bozeman in about 8 hours. If you buy that guitar please let us know eusa_clap.gif

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