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Yes, Del, I think I hear that little bit of spanish influence in there........hadn't thought about it but you might well be right. This tune is assembling itself in a progression of parts. I had the four chord core for awhile now, and just this week the other parts kinda fell in there. Today I started scatting with it, trying to find a workable melody.....this may or may not be the last run at melody. Lyrics will be the last of this one, which is usually not the case. Most times I have at least a line or two before anything else. This one is working backwards from the normal sequence for me. Thanks for listening..........I hope the lyric does the music right.

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Nice Buc. Now this is fun, I look forward to seeing how this tune develops for you.


Right off the bat, the feel makes me think of a storyline of being reunited with something that was lost, only to be found once again and seen through a new set of eyes based on the time that has passed. Don't know why really, just how it made me feel.


Pretty cool how a few chords can do that.

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