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low E string sharp?


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I have owned a gibson robot (first production run) for a few years. I had it serviced a while back by a guitar tech (without using the electronics). I pulled the guitar out the other day and restrung it. Now I notice that if I let the robot tune itself, the low E string is quite sharp. The other strings are mostly in, some are a little sharp but nothing major. I'm pretty sure it never used to tune that string sharp until the service but I never checked it with a tuner like I did recently so I can't be sure. I know he used exactly the same gauge strings (I have put heavier gauge strings on in the past but returned to factory default). I've checked the intonation and its perfect. Any ideas on whats going on?


I've also have never been able to use the string up feature on the guitar (the mode that tunes up all 6 strings). The high string always seems to snap. I've been manually doing this function but am eager to fix this.



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You might try manually calibrating the offending tuner:



The Robot Guitar will be pre-calibrated for a standard .010-.046 set of strings. If you change

string gauges, restore factory defaults, or are installing the system yourself, you may first want

to calibrate the Robot Tuners individually using the Motor Calibration Mode as described

below. Remember though, each Robot Tuner is self-regulated with a Dynamic Runtime

Algorithm that ensures the change of runtimes according to each string. After several tunings

the system will perfect itself automatically.


Enter Setup Mode and turn to LED I, press display. The Peg and I LEDs will shine white.

Now you are ready to calibrate any or all of your Robot Tuners.

First, turn the MCK to the Robot Tuner you want to calibrate (selected strings are indicated

by solid blue) and press the display once. Strum the string and it will begin to alternate between

flashing red and green. Pause a few seconds and strum it again. Repeat this simple procedure

while the Robot Tuner adjusts itself. When the LED for that string changes to the next string

in order, you know that the Robot Tuner you selected first is done. It’s that simple.

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