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Gibson SG special non central logo decal


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I've just bought a new Gibson SG special but on getting it home noticed the Gibson logo decal is not central on the headstock like my other Gibson's (1957 ES-125 and 1972 SG Std) or like one's I've checked out on the net.


The b is close to the central dip in the top of the headstock, normally this is between the b and s. The logo just doesn't look and isn't physically in the centre of the headstock giving it an odd look.


Has anybody else noticed this? Could my guitar be a second?


Serial number is 023970572.


It was bought from a dealer.


Many thanks,



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Actually it was the 272 electric stamped that day not the 72. Since 1989, electrics start at 300. The 9 digit code is YDDDYB### YxxxY = last two digits of year, DDD= day of the year, B= batch number (0 for the first 699, 1 after that) ### - sequential number. 0-299 is Montana production, 300+ numbers indicate Tennessee production.


See: http://www.gibson.com/en%2Dus/Support/SerialNumberSearch/ and the related links.

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I was in a Sam Ash around Chicago a few weeks back and they had a Standard that was a fake and the price was around 2 grand. It was very obvious and I told the clerk and he just laughed My point is

don't trust anyone unless they are an authorized dealer I think a head stock veneer is glued in place then laqured over I dont see how it

could be misaligned. I would return it. but it maybe like a irregular coin and be worth a fortune someday.



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