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Change of subject? Whats your favorite Ballad?


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Blue Moon ... the 1939 top hit Deep Purple... both with a nice swing arrangement...


Then there's You Belong to Me either the Jo Stafford version of similar ones later. Also Then you can tell me Goodbye... Since I don't have you...


The late '30s to the '50s was awfully good for ballads. I'm getting sentimental over you from the swing era.


In fact, I tend to do a lotta them now when I'm just messin' with music 'cuz you can use some nice fat chords.



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I love the simplicity of this version;





...Johnny Mercer wrote it, and according to everything I've read he always said that her version was how it should be sung.



'The Wind Cries Mary' by Jimi Hendrix.

'Just a Part of Me' by Eric Johnson on 'Alien Love Child'.

'Everything Must Change', sung by Nina Simone on 'Baltimore'.

'Too Many Memories' sung by Tom Rush on 'What I Know'. Completely stopped me. Incredible song.

'Story of Isaac' by Leonard Cohen. Is this really a ballad? At risk of mixing threads, it's a well-told Biblical story, absolutely riveting if you're in receptive mood.

Then there is jazz and jazz standards; Ben Webster playing 'My Romance'. Sonny Rollins, beautiful ballad playing. John Mclaughlin converting Bill Evans' luminous arrangement of 'My Foolish Heart' onto guitar ('My Goal's Beyond' or 'Electric Guitarist'). Barney Kessel's arrangement of 'Cry Me a River' for Julie London.

As you say, there are so many and in all genres...

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Where Is She? from Donovan's Barabajagal album and Your Broken Heart from his 7-Tease album I don't have a link as I don't think either of these would be on Youtube or anywhere else as they are really obscure except to die-hard Donovan fans.

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