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12 string no brand ?


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Based on the serial (or whatever) number the guitar is a Gamma although why there is no logo is beyond me. All I know is that Gamma guitars date back to the mid-1970s, were made in either Japan of Korea (probably in both depending on the year) and I think that Sears carried them in the 1980s. They seem to have a real Martin vibe to them.


Here is a more upscale Gamma 12 string. The headstock and bridge look to be a dead ringers for that on your guitar although with offshore guitars there could have been 50 makes that had the same features.



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Throw some light on your subject when taking a pic so we can see what ya got.


+1 on that. Try a digital camera. Cell phone cameras, by and large, are poor picture takers.



Some of the construction features point to a possible, Matsumoku made guitar i.e. Aria / Epiphone of the 70's, or other brand name Matsumoku was building. The 'Gamma' appears to be in the same boat. Possibly the head stock was refinished and the HS logo was lost.

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