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Which of the following rules have I violated?


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The Gibson forums are intended for users of all ages, please take this into consideration when posting and use common sense and don't post explicit profanity.


Please show respect for all members. Remarks towards others about racism, sexism, origin, creed and handicap will NOT be tolerated and will be deleted by staff, and the poster will be warned, suspended or possibly banned. Your posts and posted images are constantly reviewed by the moderating staff. Any post or image deemed unsuitable will be edited or deleted without prior warning. The member that posted will be warned, suspended or possibly banned.


1. Do not post anything that is considered to be potentially criminal. Posts made under circumstances indicating a considered likelihood of inciting a violent or felonious act, or a subjective intention or knowledge that its content will be used for, or in furtherance of, any criminal purpose are also prohibited. Such posts will be moved offline and referred to proper legal channels.

2. Do not post anything that is considered pornographic, obscene, or contains excessive reference to violence and/or explicit sexual acts. This includes representational artwork as well as photographic or video media and includes linking directly to such content from the Forum

3. Do not post a person's private information.

4. Do not post anything that demonstrates a clear and present danger to the welfare of another person, or otherwise tends to create alarm or apprehension that the welfare of any person is in imminent jeopardy.

5. Spamming will not be tolerated.

6. You may only have one membership account. Multiple accounts are not permitted.

7. Posts must be on topic to the thread subject.

8. Before you start a topic, perform a search to see if the question or topic you wish to create has been made before. If it has, post in the topic that already exists. Duplicate topics will be moved or closed.

9. Do not post topic titles in full capitals, or include an obscene amount of full-stops (periods) or exclamation marks, question marks etc.

10. Begging in the forums for anything is not allowed.

11. Do not over-quote posts. If a post has more than one quote in it when you are quoting it, remove the one(s) you don't wish to quote.

12. Show some restraint on the amount of images you post. Posts or topics with many images are a strain on dial-up users, so please be courteous.

13. Do not post images that exceed the width of the page. This will stretch the page horizontally causing viewing problems for members. Large images are likely to be removed by staff.

14. When posting multiple large images in a post, consider linking to the images remotely rather than using the tags.

15. Do not "flame" others. Blatantly offensive posts directed at others will not be tolerated.

16. Gibson Forums reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.

17. Gibson Forums will not be held responsible for the content of any message.

18. No Racial, Religious, or Political post will be allowed on the forums.




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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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