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Epi LP Studio Deluxe


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Just looking at picking this up

Epi LP Deluxe VS

I have been looking around and I can`t seem to find a LP Studio Deluxe as a model in VS.

Was the studio deluxe mad in VS - or am I looking at a fake - I am waiting on a reply from the ads poster for pics of the headstock front and back.

I have noticed it has PU covers where as the studio had open PU`s. Also the body colour and the black pick guard.

The ad poster says that hi-gain PU`s have been installed but I have asked what they are as well.

Anyone got any ideas as to what it really is please.


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thanks -geez - i didnt even notice that - so I guess its a studio?

Ok I am little on the slow side today - just checked the epi wiki and its just a Studio with Pu covers - sorry to waste everyones time and thanks Pete.R

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