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Can someone tell me something here?


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Ok what I'm wanting to know is is the standard SG the top of the line or does Gibson have an SG custom?


It would help out a lot if someone can give me the model types for SGs and Les Pauls. Please do


Theirs like the SG faded

and there is stuff in between (please fill in)

and there is the SG standard

and I think an SG custom?



For Les Paul it's




Standard Traditional


Classic Custom

Custom. Something like that? I'm wanting to know the order of SG and Les Paul from least expensive to most expensive and top of the line.


I'm looking forward to putting out a bit of money for either a nice LP or SG. I'm looking to spend upwards to about 2 grand on another guitar

I actually will have 5,000 to spend but a 1000 dollar Taylor 210ce acoustic is on the list and a reverse Gibson firebird is on the list the Firebird is $1,649.


Plus it will be anywhere from this week to 3 years until I get the money. So I have a lot of time to think about what guitar to buy.

I know I want a reverse Firebird and a Taylor 210ce and for the other guitar I was thinking about a Les Paul traditional.


I would rather have an SG than another Les Paul because I own both a LP and and SG now and I like the SG better




Yes, they do! You should get it!

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It can get pretty complicated and confusing, especially when you factor in older models (I'd recommend the website everythingsg at http://www.everythingsg.com/index.php/reference/models/gibson-models.html which gives a detailed rundown on almost every variant and limited edition over the years.) If I were to take the current non-signature and non-limited edition models and generalize/simplify a bit, approximately from the top model down the line:

1) SG Custom: yes there is one, this is basically the 3-pickup model with all the extra bling (bound fretboard, block inlays, split diamond inlay on a triple-bound headstock etc.)Some may have a Maestro Lyre vibrato, some a standard stop tailpiece. I think the pickups are all '57 Classics? Also referred to as the SG Les Paul on the neckplate (the transitional model before Les Paul expressed his objections and had his name removed from the SG)

2) SG '61 Reissue: Two humbuckers, small pickguard, trapezoid inlays, crown headstock inlay, bound neck, MOP logo. These can get pricey, especially for the VOS models.

3) SG Standard: Two humbuckers, larger "batwing" style pickguard, trapezoid inlays, bound neck, crown headstock inlay, MOP logo. Based on the 1967/1968 models.

4) SG Classic: Two P-90 pickups, larger "batwing" style pickguard, dot inlays, bound neck, no crown headstock inlay, MOP logo.

5) SG Special: Two humbuckers, larger "batwing" style pickguard, dot inlays, unbound neck, no crown headstock inlay, silkscreened gold logo. Also ased on the 1967/1968 models, these are more affordable, especially for the unglossy faded models which offer a satin finish with visible woodgrain.

6) SG Special '60s Tribute: Two P-90 pickups, small '61 style pickguard, dot inlays, unbound neck, no crown headstock inlay, silkscreened gold logo. These have a faded non-gloss finish.

7) SG Junior: These come in two varieties, One P-90 pickup and a 'junior' style pickguard (as on the LP Junior single pickup models) or a larger "batwing" style pickguard. Dot inlays, unbound neck, no crown headstock inlay, silkscreened gold logo.

8) SG Melody Maker: One humbucker, larger melody-maker exclusive pickguard with single volume control, wraparound bridge, dot inlays, unbound neck, smaller 'wingless' headstock, silkscreened gold logo.


As I said, I'm sure I've generalized in places and may have made some errors, and I'm not positive as to the types of pickups currently used (I'd consult the Gibson site for specs), but hopefully this might give you a starting point of reference.

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