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I don't like how they feel because the neck is almost flat, but I hear if you're into fast licks and Steve Vai/John Petrucci styles these guitars will treat you right. The only big name Parker player I know of is Reeves Gabrels.

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They are nice guitars, I do like the shape, I bought one because of that and the piezo. Great tone and lots of tonal possibilities.


What I didn't like is the weight, it felt like an air guitar, I'm more into heavy guitars and baseball bat necks. So I sold it for a nice profit. [thumbup]


I think NotesNorton has one and it's his main guitar, that says a lot, considering he is a giging pro who probably plays more gigs a month than most of us combined.

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Guest farnsbarns

I played a Parker Fly Deluxe about 10 years ago. I like the shape very much actually, while I'm a traditionalist I would buy one if I were after a modern looking guirar, but it didn't suit me to play it. Very slippery frets and very thin neck. As mentioned above the fret radius is huge (I guess 24" or more). I assume they would really work well for shredders though, felt looser than a strat with a trem and 9s and I find that too loose.

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They are absolutely great guitars, but I don't like the "arthritic thumb" upper horn.


I have a DF Fly, and it is my go-to guitar for everything




Light weight (5 lb) but sustains like my 8 lb faux-LP

Well balanced, take my hands off and it stays put (no neck dive)

Contoured - extremely comfortable

Stays in tune even better than my non whammy guitars

Tapered master volume near my right pinky

Stainless steel frets and ebony fret board makes bending a breeze

And most of all, the sounds. 2 SC 2 Humbucker/SC and a Fishman under the bridge.


Since I got my Parker over a year ago, I've hardly touched my Gibson ES.

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