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I Need A Break.


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I have thought this over for a week or two, and I think it is a good idea for me to stay away for awhile. I can clearly see that my posts are not effective, and recently I have failed to see eye to eye (or post to post, for that matter) with some individuals on here. I might focus on other things, maybe join another forum. Also, it has been boring as hell around here since some of our members have either been banned or left. I miss the blabber that was posted by Fuzzy Fred and Shinate McDanus or whoever the hell he was. Jocko's leave has left a void. I love being here, but I have a feeling that I can do better. I'll always come back, but I have to pull a Houdini on the forums. Or else it will have drastic effects on me. AND YOU! In the words of a Mr. George Costanza, "That's it for me, GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY!" That's a shame.

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It's just a forum, man.


Sometimes a thread or a post don't go the way we want it to, and sometimes we are wrong and make mistakes. That's life, but it ain't no big deal.


There IS more to life than a forum.


Good luck to you, where ever you go or what ever you do. Hope you feel welcome to post here as well.

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I think we all go through that at some point. Many here have disappeared only to find our way back.


Life takes time and direction. ( Wife, Kids, Grandkids, work )


I was gone for a month or two last year. Didn't feel as though I was contributing much and things I was posting of interest were totally ignored. I just felt out of touch.


I'd peek in maybe once a week to see if anyone had bought a new guitar.


What got me posting again? The "Talk the Talk/ Walk The Walk" thread.


So many great players posting great performances I felt inspired to comment and post my own.


Wherever your road leads take care.msp_thumbup.gif

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