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teach me a song

Guest Farnsbarns

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Guest farnsbarns

I thought a nice constructive thread was over due so, teach me a song you know and like. Tab it, describe it, post an instruction vid, do it however you like.

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Thanks Pippy, this is very timely, I am working on this song and while easy to play my version sounds kind of lifeless. I'll watch this video until I steal some of his technique.

Well, I'm glad to be of some help!


What I like about this particular clip is that Mr. Sumlin plays so many different variations on what is, as you've already discovered, essentially a very simple piece.

Half the time I'm sure he doesn't even know exactly what notes he'll choose to play until the time comes and then he just lets his genius kick in.


It's humbling to think how many of today's players he's influenced.



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