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Strange request for folks in Grays Lake, Ill area


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Does anyone in the Grays Lake area of Illinois know what happened to the Acme Burgess, Inc. company?


I have a hose end sprayer that works great for spraying my fruit trees. I bought it years ago from K-Mart. It was branded as a K-Mart product, but I have since learned it was also sold under the brand name Acme Burgess, the company that developed it. I get a number of hits on folks who used to be President of the company.??? in the 70's and 80's. And one web site says the company 'may be dead'.


No other hose end sprayer can shoot as high as this unit and mine is broken and I would love to replace it. I cannot find anyone, including K-Mart who sells it. The offerings today barely shoot 8' in the air. I need at least 12 - 15' to reach the top of my fruit trees.


The last known address was at Rte 83 and 120 Grays Lake, Illinois.


I've got this thing patched up with JBWeld, but after today's spraying, I don't think it's going to hold much longer.

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Looks like they went out of business in 1984


Thanks Mark. That's what I was afraid of.


K-Mart must have been working off New/Old stock. I think I bought mine in the late 1990's.

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I wonder if there is ANYONE making one in the USA.


It is VERY hard to find any product made in the US that can be made in China. "Incidentals" such as this, yard tools, household products, or nearly everything that could be stocked on a shelf at a department store or "home improvement wherehouse" are all made somewhere else, mainly China.


Good on you for looking. That is the way to do it.

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