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Metallica will be remembered more than the Beatles


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And everyone in rock knows the Beatles invented the solid body guitar. It was originally called the La Paul after the cute one Paul McCartney.


This design was then stolen my one Lester Paul who renamed it "The Ringo" but after checking with his lawyers chose to call it the Les Paul.


Here's Pauly showing Lester his new invention.msp_flapper.gif




Nah...eveyone knows it was George! He called it the Lucille Ball, but BB King got

upset with him, because we all know there is but ONE "Lucille,"...so, George changed

the name to Lucy (Ball), and someone (maybe Paul) misunderstood him, and told George

he wanted "less Paul" on "I've Got A Feeling!" Lester William Palsfuss, who was

nearby, was sweeping out the front end, of his studio, which The Beatles had rented, to

record "Abby Normal," because they knew his studio had lots of over dubbing and multi-

tracking equipment, already there. During a tea break, Paul, then called out, to Les, who...

in return said, "Yes, Paul?" And, the rest is history, as we all know! [flapper][biggrin]



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Haha coming form the guy dissing her a few days ago.msp_rolleyes.gif



What? No way. At least not intentionally. :-k I was questioning the phenomenon...the Taylor Swift effect, as it were. I still wonder how it all happened the way it has. Thus my comment that she's had greater impact on a wider scale. Seems like everywhere you look it's Taylor Swift. Every genre, every awards ceremony. Actually the thread turned into a total prop for her, with no serious argument from anyone who didn't share the same appreciation. Like myself. eusa_whistle.giflaugh.gif

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No current band, regardless of quality, will IMHO be as "remembered" as the Beatles largely due to some rapid changes in technology and, because of that, music culture.


When there's a Chet Atkins, Boston Pops and elevator music version of Metalica pieces that "everybody knows," perhaps. But in today's world I'd say that's about as likely as everyone going to a one-room school on the prairie.



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