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How Can I Fix P/U Toggle Rattling in Middle Position?


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I originally posted this in the SG section, not realizing this area was available. Below are the two posts describing my problem, and I welcome comments from anyone else who has experienced this.


I'd appreciate your opinions on how best to fix a 3-position pickup-selector toggle that acoustically rattles in the middle position on a 2011 '60s Tribute SG (this is a really resonant guitar!). Switch works fine and feels mechanically as expected when switching around, and it does not affect the amplified sound. There's just enough play in that middle position that I can hear it vibrating while playing certain things and it's annoying. The rattles stops when I touch the toggle while playing.


It's a new guitar and certainly could be addressed under warranty, but the gas alone to get it to an authorized dealer is prohibitive, and I prefer to fix things myself whenever possible. I have the Stew-Mac specialty tool (works great) for the fine-toothed nut on the toggle, and the nut seems plenty snug.


Anything you think I can do to fix it, or does it just need a new switch?


Thanks to all.




Then after suggestions to replace the switch and bend the outer arms/tines of the switch towards the toggle lever, I added the following:


I already checked the switch and the outer arms are making solid contact with the toggle lever. I gave them a pinch anyway, but no improvement.


Looking at the guitar from the back with the control cover off, when reaching around and jiggling the toggle from the front of the guitar there is no movement evident at the lever's contact with the switch. Looking at the guitar from the front and jiggling the toggle again, all the movement appears to come from where the toggle pivots on the small shaft/pin. There's a little play in all directions - along the normal line of movement for the toggle, and side-to-side. Just based on the feel of the switch, it's not the kind of slop that would immediately strike the average player as a problem needing fixing, but it is enough to rattle while played. The slightest finger pressure on the end of the toggle during play stops the rattle.


I haven't been able to compare mine to a new switch, so I don't know how tight a typical 3-way toggle feels in the middle position (all my other guitars have 5-ways). For all I know, the switch may be like any other, but the characteristics of the guitar just bring out this weakness. I just figured I couldn't be the only one that has experienced this.


A few ideas have come to mind, though none too clever:


1. Inserting from the front an o'ring to take up the slack around the pivot point (as long as it doesn't prevent toggling, of course);


2. Inserting a small washer around one side of the pivot pin;


3. It appears the pivot pin is held in place by a roll pin at each side. Maybe checking that each roll pin is properly seated would help secure the pivot pin. However, I think this might only address side-to-side movement, if anything.


Any others experience this? Thanks for your input.

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I've not heard of such a thing before with any of Gibson's toggles. Seems the best fix is going to be replacing the switch. If you're out of range of a Service Center, call Customer Service at 800-4-GIBSON. Explain your situation - you'll likely need to fax a proof of purchase - and your ability to replace the switch on your own and they'll likely be ok with sending you a replacement switch.

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+1, just replace the switch and see if that does it. Shouldn't take more than a few minutes if you're handy with a soldering iron. Make sure you get the Switchcraft model. Helps to use a quality switch.

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