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sonex 180 custom


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hi, im a newbie to this forum so forgive any silly questions!!


i bought a 1981 sonex 180 custom as i liked the look of them and seemed to be a under rated guitar, the guitar is without any hardware or electrics so is a complete rebuild.

i am unsure of the original gear found on the sonex as gibson no longer have the info and doesnt seem to be much on the net besides generic tech info but no specifics.

can anyone help me as i would like to rebuild to as close to original as possible preferably with used gibson gear to keep it close to how it should sound. i know they used dirty fingers but thats about it.


hope someone can help with the rebuild info.. many thanks

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thanks bob, this article was with some of the stuff gibson sent me when i contacted them re sonex. i was told that the sonex used gear that was specific to that guitar and no other so i guess its a slow progress sort of thing to find the correct stuff. im in new zealand so its a case of looking at ebay and hoping something comes up. any gibson stores that ship worldwide that you know of would be a great help.


i will also get a pic up of the 180


many thanks..

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