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Crackling jack and volume


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Hi all,


just recently i have started to develop, or my riviera has to be more accurate, a crackle on the jack and also on the volume controls.


I have this problem on my old squier strat but seeing as this is a cheap guitar i never bothered to fix it. As my riviera is my most cherished of all my guitars i was very unhappy when this problem presented its self!!


Can anyone tell me what is causing is and how to fix it?!





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Most likely oxidation.


Get some electronics cleaner. I use a product called QD Electronics Cleaner from Walmart or any auto parts place. Deoxit from Radio Shack is good also.


Spray the contact points on the switch and work it back and forth. Spray down the shafts of the tone and volume knobs (take the knobs off) and work them round and round. Repeat if needed.

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I had a guitar that was new in the box with the jack connector with a broken solder joint. Needed to be redone. I can only imagine this happened in shipping as a result of a poor solder job to start with. So it happens...

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