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Headstock protection

bobby b

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I have an 89 Les Paul that has see some 'wear' over the years, the headstock has a few chips in it from leaning on things , hitting things etc...


The wife figured my guitars could use some toque's ..... so she made some "Gui-Toque's" ....lol. What a gal! I like 'em [tongue]


Here is the 'chipped' Les Paul headstock and some pics of the "Gui-Toque" protectors....



DSC_9174 by bobbyjeepyj, on Flickr



DSC_9171 by bobbyjeepyj, on Flickr



DSC_9175 by bobbyjeepyj, on Flickr



DSC_9178 by bobbyjeepyj, on Flickr



DSC_9163 by bobbyjeepyj, on Flickr

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What a Gal, Indeed... [thumbup] My wife could give a **** less about my guitars and somestimes acts like they 'compete' with her....No wonder I'm so grumpy half the time.... [cursing]

You are very lucky to have a gal that takes interest [thumbup]

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Better make sure that Gui fur is nitro friendly. Ever eat Gui? I have. Does not taste like chicken.


Good point, i'll check .... however the gibby's go in their cases when not being used, so it would only be on for short periods.

More of a topper when needed....when in close quarters to furniture etc. at home, esp in my crowded little music studio/office space.

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I applaud your wife for out side of the box thinking.


But if a guitar gets used, it's going to get dinged.



Not sure I'd wear it out of the house, though. You say 'touque', I say 'toupe'.



Maybe if it were leather.... :-k

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